Summer Learning

Hello Everyone, 

I am attaching an overview of our Summer Learning Program - Husky-tastic Summer Learning - Part 2. 

I do apologize for the delay due to my time off from work.   I will return on Tuesday, May 31, and work through summer school. 

If you have not signed your child up for Summer Learning and wish to do so, please go to:

Fill | Upshur County Summer Learning Attendance Form Greetings! Upshur County Schools are excited to partner with the WV Department of Education to offer a summer learning program for students June 6-24, 2022. We want to give our students the opportunity to regain instructional time that may have been lost. If your student is interested in participating in the Summer SOLE (Student Opportunities for Learning and Engagement) program, please complete the survey below. Please submit a response for each student in the household who wishes to attend. **Please complete this survey even if you expressed interest in the Summer Learning program at your child's school. Thank you!

You must enroll your child using this link as we receive our funding per child registered via this link.