Art Entries 15-22 (FINAL)

The final group of entries!

This fourth grader wowed me with waves and a sunset! Below is entry "15"

A fifth grader showed her animal drawing skills with this bird! Below is entry "16"

Fifth grade has to save a turkey from discovery around Thanksgiving and this artist created a well colored spooky disguise! Below is entry "!7"

A fifth grader carefully constructed a quilt of dreams for her future farm! Below is entry "18"

Showing state pride is this lovely art piece by a third grader! Below is entry "19"

Food is always popular! this fourth grader drew some sushi and cookies as well as his other favorite foods! Below is entry "20" 

This gingerbread home by a second grader houses Mr. Sam Elliot and Mr. George Washington, I think they would be buddies! This is entry "21"

This fourth grader used lovely photos for her dream quilt collage! This entry is "22"

Great job everyone! Be sure to comment with your favorite entries number!