Hodgesville Elementary

Grandparents Day

Grandparents and other loved family members were invited to Hodgesville Elementary School on September 7, 2018 to celebrate Grandparents Day.  Kindergarten students shared their homemade applesauce with their loved ones after working throughout the day to cook it. First graders and their grandparents made Shrinky dink handprint keychains.  Another group completed a "Someone I Love" activity where they were given a head template and were to draw a person that they loved and be able to describe the person, a "Describing Flower Craft" where they wrote the name of the person they loved in the center and then the petals were to have pictures or words describing that person, and finally there was "A Letter To Someone Special" where they answered prompts about why the person they were writing to was special.  When I Was Young in the Mountains and The Kissing Hand were read aloud and the adults and children traced and cut out each other’s hand from construction paper and glued down the fingers to show I Love You in sign language as they listened. They were encouraged to write a special note to the other on the hand as well.  Fourth graders were full of questions for their grandparents finding out about how growing up now is different than just a few years ago!   Fifth grade students listened to a story and solved tangram puzzles with their visitors.  Everyone enjoyed being able to spend quality time together affirming that special bond between grandparents and grandchildren.