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Carcade May 7 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.

We are having a CARCADE!!!

What is a CARCADE???? It’s like a parade, except parents will be the parade and school staff will be the audience!
May 7, 2020
12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Hodgesville Elementary School
How it works: Parents load up your children and come to HES. Enter the parking lot near the fence / house. Think of it as a reverse parent pick up route. Drive around to the building and you will go through the loop and exit near the office. Our staff will be around the route waving to all of you! Signs are welcome from our students. We hope to see you there!!
PS – It is Teacher Appreciation Week…. A thank you sign would be great!
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Recognition Plans for End of Year

Alternate Plans to Recognize Our Students
With the month of May quickly approaching and lots of unknowns about school, our staff wants to make sure our 5th graders receives the special recognition they deserve as they complete their elementary education!

So, we have a couple of projects in the works to celebrate our 5th graders.

1. We would like for our families to create a display about their child and send us a picture. It can be a door decoration, a display of photos, etc. --------------- be creative!!!!!

Showcase your child’s elementary school years and the Husky pride!!!!

Send your picture to faith.jones@k12.wv.us by April 30, 2020.

We are going to have the photos enlarged and display them in the windows of our office and lobby so everyone can stop by and see our Class of 2020.

2. Mrs. Butcher and Miss Jones are working on garden flags to display in front of our school honoring our 5th graders.

3. Students always make graduation caps. Once we know the plan for May, if we are not in school, we will make a plan for the caps to be made.

4. Please email a baby photo and a kindergarten photo of your child to Mrs. Phillips. These will be used to create a slide show so we can see our 5th graders growing up.

Email to jlphilli@k12.wv.us by April 30, 2020.

ALL Students

If school does not resume in May, we will make plans for recognition ceremonies for each grade level as well as an opportunity once we can gather in larger crowds for students, teachers, and families to get together and celebrate the school year!
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Grades for 4th Quarter

With the unprecedented times we are facing, many questions are being asked about grades.
The West Virginia State Superintendent of Schools has stated work being completed at home can only help a child’s grade from March 13. Whatever grade a child had on March 13 cannot be lowered by the work from home – only increased.
Teachers are planning work that will keep your student engaged in learning in hopes of avoiding any loss of knowledge and skills gained throughout the school year.
At this time, you are your child’s teacher and know what is in their best interest. Teachers are providing resources and guidance to help you in this endeavor.
Remember, completion of work can increase your child’s grade from March 13.
Currently, we are awaiting guidance on grade cards for the end of the year.
In the event, school would be canceled for the remainder of the year, the staff will find a creative way for end of year recognition ceremonies and a plan for students to see each other (and their teacher) once the quarantine is lifted.
Please stay safe and contact us if assistance is needed.
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